Being mindful with your chocolate

As we come into the holiday season, the Christmas treats start to invade our attempts to stay on track. Rather than depriving ourselves of these tasty morsels, what if we incorporated a small amount into our food regime but consumed them thoughtfully?

Firstly, choose the best version of chocolate you can afford, I personally like dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. Find a comfortable space to relax without any external distractions (leave you cellphone in another room, switch off the TV or radio, tell the kids you are busy for this time or get them to join you). Enjoy the feel of the packaging, is it embossed or textured? As you open the foil, enjoy your first smell of the chocolate, pause a moment to savour the smell! If you are like me, then your mouth is starting to salivate (this is a great sign that you are in a rest and digest mode). Now enjoy the crack as you snap off one piece of chocolate. Place the piece of chocolate onto the centre of your tongue and allow it to slowly melt (it may take about 5 minutes), enjoy the sensation as a small amount melts and starts to make its way down your tongue and into your stomach. Breathe slowly and focus on the favour, the texture on your tongue and enjoy the taste!

I was inspired to try this after listening to Alexandra Jamieson's podcast that talks about chocolate mediation.

For those of you that can consume a block of chocolate mindlessly while doing other things, trying this technique can be great for your health and for your bank balance! I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below.

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