Breaking the bad habits of the holidays

Have you picked up some bad habits over the holidays, but don't like doing New Years resolutions?

Then here are a few ideas to help reset you body and mind to help make consistent small steps to help with long term health.

  1. Change your mindset: Don't go for the latest fad diet only to crash a week or two later and be left feeling disappointed. How about shifting your mindset from weight loss to how you want to feel. Aim for improving energy, clearing your skin and better health.

  2. Start a food and lifestyle diary: Start keeping a detailed diary for seven days and look for any patterns that can be changed. Are you drinking enough clean filtered water everyday? Are you skipping meals? Consuming enough vegetables? Snacking before mealtimes and then not eating a balanced meal. Notice any bloating, belching and flatulence (wind) to see if there are any patterns (Let me know if you want a comprehensive list of symptoms to help bring awareness).

  3. Make a list: Make a list of any bad habits that may be preventing good health. Some common habits that may have crept in over the holidays are: Drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages most nights of the week to relax or be social; Not being organised going back to work and getting lunch from the bakery or cafe; snacking pre-dinner as you weren't prepared for your evening meal.

  4. Prioritise you habits: Rank you habits from the most important change to make now to those that can wait. Be realistic about events that are coming up in the next few weeks to set yourself up for a win! There is no point going on a detox when you you have your best friends wedding in a week's time. Encourage a good sustainable habit such as consuming a good amount of water everyday.

  5. Start making changes: Start with a habit that is easy to change. To break or modify a habit, it helps to change your thinking patterns to being more positive (become your own cheerleader); change the way you act (this may be filling water bottles at night so they are ready, setting your alarm early so you sit to eat your breakfast, chop up your vegetables for a few days that can be thrown into a salad or stirfry; upgrade your environment (remove those Christmas food treats from the house, meet for breakfast or brunch instead of after work when your willpower is low).

  6. Review you list: Take the time to review you list as you change your behaviour. Give yourself a big high five for the positive changes you have made.

  7. Reward your positive habit changes: Encourage yourself to make further positive changes by rewarding yourself. Some good ideas may be a relaxing massage; getting a new haircut; going for a walk in nature with your friends. Make sure that the reward is moving you towards your new habits and not rewarding yourself with the something that may fuel one of your bad behaviours.

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