My birthday month & first blog

Thank you for everyone that wished me a happy birthday earlier this month, I really appreciated your thoughts and good wishes. For those of you that have taken advantage of my birthday specials, thank you.

It's been a busy month, spending time with family for my birthday, gaining knowledge and revamping my website (I hope you like the changes).

Can my learning help you?

Dr Dan Kalish, a functional medicine practitioner that spends his time meditating for at least two hours a day and teaches practitioners around the world about a simple urine test home can help me figure out what's happening in my body. Fatigue, depression, weight gain, stress, digestive issues and toxicity are all tested!

I have finally taken my sample this morning after I had planned to do the test last week. Unfortunately I came down with a cold, so after a lot of home made chicken soup, vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms and echinacea, i'm now recovered.

As I'm getting back to my normal self, there were a few foods and supplements that I had to remove for 48 hours before taking the sample.

Once the results come back, we can go through my results together and you can follow my journey.

Thanks for reading my first blog post, I am going to try to get here as often as I can and give you an update on my progress, and hopefully give you some good information to help with your health and wellness journey.

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