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Testing Services

Why test? 

Testing allows for a comprehensive look inside your body so we can help you feel better faster and to help resolve any underlying issues that may have been contributing towards your health condition/s. This allows the tailoring of your diet and nutritional supplement regime, and helps maximise time and energy and save you money. 

The following tests are available (prices on request)

  • Food and environmental sensitivities

  • Organic acid testing

  • Hormone profiles - Male or Female 

  • DUTCH hormone testing

  • Adrenal stress profile

  • Comprehensive thyroid profile

  • Iodine

  • Comprehensive stool analysis

  • Leaky gut testing

  • Heavy metal  testing

  • Genetic testing 

  • Plus more


  • Organic Acid Testing

Organic acid testing in an invaluable tool to help create an individualised supplementation program by targeting the functioning of exact metabolic processes in the body. Fatigue, depression, weight gain, stress, digestive issues and toxicity can all be assessed with this single urine test collected at home. Recommended for all new clients.  Click here for more information

  • Food and Environmental Sensitivity Assessment

A safe and non-invasive test that utilises hair analysis to assess sensitivity to a broad range of food and environmental compounds. Reducing food and environmental sensitivities can help improve digestive problems and reduces stress caused within the body. Recommended early in your health journey. ​

  • ALCAT ​Food and Chemical Sensitivity

A blood test that measures the body's cellular response to challenges from a wide array of substances including foods, food additives & food chemicals, inhalants/moulds, environmental chemicals, antibiotics/anti-inflammatories and Candida antibodies   

  • Genetic Testing

Fitgenes genetic testing offers two tests: 

  • C​omprehensive Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report: Analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of general health, wellbeing and performance. Reports on 58 genes in total. Uses a buccal (cheek) swab for analysis.

  • Fitgenes Carb Choice (AMY1): Report based on AMY1 gene (copy number variation) which affects your response to starch from carbohydrates and health issues. Uses a buccal (cheek) swab for analysis.

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Have you been to the Doctor, had a blood test and was told everything is normal….yet you are still fatigue, your hair is falling out, you experience bloating or you just feel awful? I have patients come into my office weekly that this has happened to. Not all Doctors read blood tests the same. There are two main types of ranges in the field of blood chemistry analysis: a pathological range and a functional range. The pathological range is used to diagnose disease; the functional range is used to assess risk for disease before disease develops. The references that are provided with laboratory test results are referred to as the “the pathological range”, because if the test results are out of range, it usually indicates potential for pathology or disease.



Hi Anita.

Since getting the hair test, I've cut the coffee and I think my anxiety levels have dropped by about 90% which is awesome. Had a coffee last Saturday and it was disaster! Just slowly cutting things out so it's not so hard. Thanks FM

"Great to see your extensive knowledge on health and well being is being made available again! Congratulations and good luck:)

Rachael on FB

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